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RSL Membership of the Ballina sub-Branch   

Service Membership Service Membership Application Form  

The following persons are eligible to apply for admission as a Service Member of the Ballina RSL sub-Branch:

A person who, for a period of not less than 6 months, has been a member of the Australian Defence Force;

A person who was a member of the Australian Defence Force for a period of less than 6 months due to the person being discharged for medical reasons or other reasons outside their control;

A person who was a member of the Armed Forces of:

  • any country presently or formerly a member of the Commonwealth;
  • any country or place presently or formerly a Crown Colony of the United Kingdom; or
  • the United States of America.

A person to whom clauses above do not apply, but who has, in a theatre of conflict, either served with, supported or was otherwise engaged with the Australian Defence Force or the Armed Forces of those countries or places referred to above and who is an Australian citizen or a citizen of any of those countries or places;

A person who is an Australian citizen and who:

  • was a member of the Armed Forces of another country or place which, during that time of conflict, was an ally of the Commonwealth; or
  • in a theatre of conflict either served with or supported or was otherwise engaged with the Armed Forces of such a country or place.

Any person who is not otherwise eligible to be admitted as a Service Member but who:

  • is an Australian Citizen and who for a period of not less than 6 months served in the Armed Forces of any other country or place not included in those countries or places referred to in clause 4.1(c) above, provided however that at no time during such service, the country or place was in conflict in war or war-like operations against the Commonwealth; or   
  • for a period of not less than 6 months has been a member of a philanthropic organisation which was, during that period, formally accredited to and administered by the Australian Defence Force.

A person who is an Australian citizen and has served 10 continuous years as an “officer” or other rank instructor in the Australian Defence Force Cadets (this includes officers serving in the Australian Navy Cadets, Australian Army Cadets and Australian Air Force Cadets).

Transfer of Membership between sub-Branches Request for Transfer of Membership Form

The steps for transfer are:

  1. A member wishing to transfer membership to a new sub-Branch needs to download the "Request for Transfer of Membership" form.
  2. The member needs to fill in all details of the form above the "Acknowledgement  Slip" line and take it to the losing sub-Branch Secretary
  3. The losing sub-Branch Secretary needs to provide the transferring member with any documents

and files the sub-Branch may have on the member and sign off the "Losing sub-Branch" section of the transfer form

  1. The member needs to approach the gaining sub-Branch and inform them of an intention to transfer
  2. The member needs to take the form and files/documents to the "Gaining sub-Branch"
  3. Following the normal process, the "Gaining sub-Branch" Secretary must inform the transferring member of confirmation/rejection of transfer to sub-Branch, sign the transfer form and mail the transfer form to State Branch
    1. rejection of transfer must be done in accordance with By-Law 2 item 23
  4. State Branch will process the transfer, send copies of the completed transfer form to both the losing and gaining sub-Branches and issue a new membership card.

Life Membership

Life Members

  • A Service Member may be admitted as a Life Member in accordance with the National Constitution.
  • Subject to the By-Laws and Regulations, RSL NSW may propose that a Service Member who has given long, continued and outstanding service to RSL NSW, be elected by the National Executive to the class of Life Member.
  • The rights, privileges and obligations under this Constitution of a Service Member elected as a Life Member will not be affected by their election, except that they will no longer be liable to pay annual subscription fees to RSL NSW or a sub-Branch.


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